Captains Lore


John was born on Titan, a moon of Saturn, in a small mining colony. There were not many children John's age at the colony, so he grew up mainly watching and interacting with the mining robots in the facilities, becoming fascinated by their efficiency and precision. John found purpose in these robots, his OCD and scientific mind driving him to want to achieve mechanical perfection. An accidental explosion in the main facility left everything destroyed, including personnel files, and John found himself as the lone survivor and an orphan at the age of 10. John was rescued by Mars Military, but the system recognized him as an orphan.
He was then enrolled in the M.M.O. (Mars Military Orphans) program where he excelled in his studies and practical applications. He found that he craved the structure and order of military life. Quickly gaining a reputation as being methodical, exact and driven to succeed, John rose the ranks before finding himself as one of the youngest captains ever in the fleet.
Along with being described as scientific, driven, cold-hearted and a loner, he is also a small arms weapons expert and had extensive training in multiple hand-to-hand combat techniques. In the military community John is best known for simulations, being an expert in combat theory.
John is currently utilizing his curiosity and scientific knowledge to lead research missions all over the galaxy and beyond.
Credit: @Cypin │ Rear-Admiral


Echo comes from a small town on the planet Earth. Her people were almost eradicated during a genocide, but she managed to flee this massacre with a few survivors by taking refuge in a former military base. Her father, a professor and renowned scientist, was among these survivors in exile. After seeing the massacre of his wife and people, he sank into dementia and started experimenting with the old military technologies found in the base. He transformed the last few wounded survivors into cyborgs, to use them as weapons of mass destruction to avenge his people. His own daughter, Echo was no exception. Her body is now half human and half robot, but unlike her peers she knew that her father’s experiments were dangerous, and so she stopped him. Today she wanders in the meanders of space with the last survivors of her race and the body of her father in a cryogenic coffin, with the hope of one day finding a cure for his madness.
Credit: @Sov_Antique


Raven Grey came from a typical American family on planet Earth, with good financial background, not rich, nor poor. She finished first in her class in high school, and right after graduation she was enlisted into Air Force. She would face a lot of challenges in her career, but she overcame them, getting to the top of her flight class. She was so good at flying that no one could even come close to having her skills. She became Captain Grey within a few years, and everyone was baffled by her accomplishments. She was able to fly the fastest plane that there was and she liked going into missions alone, as there was no one else to match her incredible skills. She could fly undetected, in and out of any “No Fly” area of any country before anyone even knew what happened. This is when they wanted her to try out the very first aircraft that could travel into space and travel from planet to planet with almost no effort at all. Raven is the top pilot of any pilot ever. She is someone that you want on your team. She can get things done.
Credit: @zate01


Crimson Warper: She is a legendary captain whose name few dare to speak because it is synonymous with plague and death, yet no one has ever seen her for real. We have only heard stories of her appearances on battlefields, turning them into graveyards of debris, leaving no survivors and only the void of space. We don't even know if there is human blood in her lineage, and the only information we have about her origins are engravings similar to her armor found on historical remains such as pyramids or some antechambers of Greek temples. Because of this, some fools fabricate about her potential links to a divine lineage, suggesting that she would be the descendant of Hades. Yet the only accounts we have of her appearances all diverge on her abilities, some claim that she lives on a four-dimensional plane, allowing her to teleport in space, to disappear and reappear; others go so far as to claim that she would be able to move in time... The only point on which all these accounts agree is that she has always been seen near black holes.
Credit: @Great Monk Caracole