Phase 0: Completed

  • Explorer Ships and Captains Packs were dropped

  • Over 70.000 Space Object Packs were airdropped to explorer ship and captain NFTs holders

  • Teide Observatory Pack Collab were dropped

  • Over 12.000 Data Set: Destinations were airdropped to Teide Observatory NFTs holders

  • Weekly trivia were held and winners were rewarded with pixverse assets

Phase 1: Completed

  • Presale Pack (Space Station,Space Dock and Mining Facility NFTs) were dropped

  • Overall game design

  • Wax cloud wallet and anchor wallet login

  • Music & sound SFX

  • Ground and space Land Staking

  • Pixonium (PXN) and Pixsearch (PXSH) mining

  • PXN and PXSH token released and listed on ALCOR

  • In-game shop

  • Parts Pack opening events rewarded with more Parts Pack and Space Telescope Pack

Phase 2: Completed

  • Space Station and Warp Gate drop

  • Exploring mission (Clasic and Warp Gate)

  • Observation mission

  • Leaderboard

  • Season 1

Phase 3: Coming soon

  • Mining Ships and Captains Packs drop

  • Research mission

  • Mining mission

  • Achievements

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