About Pixverse Game

  • Pixverse is a competitive idle space exploring and farming game running on the blockchain.
  • The Pixverse is explored by the players using pixonium (PXN) powered explorer spaceships commanded by their captains.
  • They discover and acquire stakeable space objects (planets, asteroids, moons, exoplanets etc.) NFTs. These are inspired from reality but not only. Some of them are fictional and they are inspired from other projects that are on WAX blockchain and they are somehow related to them.
  • By staking these space objects, the players receive land where different structures can be developed.
  • These space structures (i.e. space stations, docks etc.) are in turn needed to build more ships and obtain different tokens, such as PXN.
  • PXN is mined by mining ships commanded by mining captains from specific space objects such as asteroids. At the same time it can be extracted through mining facilities from larger space objects, such as major moons, dwarf planets.
  • Pixsearch token (PXSH) are generated while research is conducted on research stations. PXSH is used for improving and building ships/space structures. Later on, the players use the warp gate in order to jump between galaxies to discover even more space objects.
Last modified 9mo ago